Monday, February 28

Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive.  And then go and do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.  ~Attributed to Howard Thurman


Today I was thinking about passion. It’s more than just a word it more like a lifestyle. You live it, breathe it and love it all the same. There is no such thing is “can’t” when it comes to your passion. If you have the vision for your passion, best believe that it will come to past. It’s second nature and nothing else compares. It’s a blessing to have a passion. Many people go through life not knowing what their purpose is, let alone their passion. If you have one without the other you are one step closer to living your best life. But all this is beside the point. I was more so focused  on what makes my passion different from the rest of this world. It’s guaranteed that the idea that you thought was so “grand” has been thought of by a million other people. And 9 times out of ten they actual put those thoughts into action and are doing the damn thang! That has got to me more times than once. I love what I do! It’s in my heart! I think about it more times than I should.  Back to the question at hand! What makes my passion different from the rest of the world? Simply put: It’s MY passion! Nobody can conjure up the same type of love that I have for what I do. No matter how similar the idea, the concept is pure and like no other. My passion is like art. No one piece of art will have the same meaning and beauty in the eye of  its beholder. There is no such thing as slacking around or putting forth minimal effort. This is what I do and if my name is going to be branded on it, the process of production has to be equivalent to perfection! So I say all this to say let your passion seep through your pores, because it’s yours. God has divine blessing specifically set aside for individuals. We may have the same passion but God surely didn’t bless us with the same exact love for it! It’s ours! Let’s own and embrace our passion! Because simply put its yours and nobody else’s!

~Stay Blessed, Start Loving and Keep Pushing! Deuces

Thursday, February 24

Lately I've been playing in make-up. I really like the natural look, haven't got any where near close to learning the extra dramatic looks. So here it is! I mixed some MAC studio with some Loreal and the gloss is Sephora.O yea, I haven't really posted any close ups of my hair so for those of you who care about texture and all that yippity yap!

People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness.  Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost.  ~H. Jackson Browne

Tuesday, February 15

PETA Fur Campaign

This post was way overdue! I haven't mentioned anything about animal welfare sense I've been blogging! Please forgive me. I'll start by saying I'm not as extreme as PETA. That's their job to convince people to be vegans, animal rights activist etc. Me on the other hand would love if everyone cared about animals and became sensitive to their welfare, but I wont be the one to convince you to do that. I don't ever want to come off as some holier than thou, I'm better than you vegetarian! Which a lot of vegetarians come off as. I'd rather present you with the information and allow you to decide on your own if its something that you want to do! If I change one person that's great and if not that's ok too. At the very least I changed myself!

Now on the subject of my girl Tarji! I loved her before she decided to join in on the campaign. But now I really love her. She looks stunning and I could not appreciate her more for stepping out and stepping up! Go check out the behind the scenes of the photoshoot over here

Wednesday, February 9

The Black Ivy

The Black Ivy from Street Etiquette on Vimeo.

I feel in love, like serious love when I first saw this. They are the epitome of Dope. Check them and it out over  here

Tuesday, February 8

Try again. Fail again. Fail better. ~Cornel West

Age 8: Karate competition. Didn’t attend simply because I had to compete. Age 14: Started boxing. Never finished once I realized I would soon have to spar with someone that just might be better than me. Age 17: Choosing colleges. Stayed in Michigan simply because life would be easier. Age 22: Mahogany Clash. Dismissed the idea because I didn’t have enough faith in myself. I’m sure you see the trend going on with me. I was once scared to commit because I was afraid of failure. 

I’ll be the 1st to admit that I needed a full proof plan to do anything that required effort. Imagine what type of life I was living. One that was stationary, boring and simply wasn’t living. Thank God for growth and progression! Failure can be a beautiful thing. Character, integrity and a humble individual is not built out of perfection. You learn wonderful things when we see flaws in ourselves, business plans and relationships. The key to failure is not letting it overcome who we are destined to be. I’ve learned that the devil has one agenda: to rob, steal, kill and destroy what God has already set out for us to conquer! But once we realize the victory is already won, it gives us just enough to pull ourselves up once we fall. Take the opportunity and bask in your failures. See how far you've come and most importantly realize where you need to be. There should be no rush to accomplish our goals simply to say “I did it!”. We should be more concerned about the quality of work that it takes to accomplish our dreams. Just because we fall on a couple of occasions, or many more in my case, does not mean that we are defeated. We have to realize that WE are the only thing holding ourselves back from moving forward. We can rejoice in our failures because it brings us that much closer to success. Failure shows us that we are not content with the status quo. That failure is necessary to grow, mature and become a better individual. So kick, scream and pout about your failures, but don’t let it all be in vain because you’ve decided not to pull yourself up once you have fallen!
               ~Stay Blessed, Start Loving and Keeping Pushing! Deuces 

My Addiction

Hopefully I'll get over this bad habit soon! Pray for me lol