Tuesday, October 25

Score: Deeply In Love w/ Maxi Skirts

~190 Words of Encouragement

I’ve come to understand that life is supposed to happen. There are no moments in life where we are meant to be stagnant. Every phase of life we are suppose to grow, mature, and endure. Sure there will be moments of defeat, pain, and failure. But each is followed by peace of mind, success, and progression. You are in complete control of the outcome of any situation dealing with YOU. There is literally life and death in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21) Your actions should be wisely thought out and words carefully spoken. Attitude is purely controlled by emotions. From experience I say don’t allow someone’s actions or situations to control your spirit. No one can take the joy that the Lord has given to you unless you allow him or her to. Hold on to your peace of mind, positive spirit and keep pressing on in spite of. Speak life into your situation. Speak positivity into your situation. And most of all stay faithful in your situation. Life is all mind over matter. Allow yourself to be blessed by the renewing of your mind. Refresh your spirit!